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AC Troubleshooting

When something goes wrong with your air conditioner your first reaction is to call an ac repair company.  And when you do, they're probably going to ask you a few questions.  It's not because they're too lazy to come to your home and check out your system themselves.  But if you can answer their questions they might be able to help you over the phone.  Here are some AC troubleshooting tips you can use that might save you a few dollars in repair bills.

Change the filter monthly-
This is probably the most important AC troubleshooting tip you can do to extend the life of your AC system and keep it operating at peak efficiency.  Change the filter monthly.  While you might think that filter looks clean there are tiny micro-particles trapped deep within and even the tiniest particles can start to clog the filter.  When the filter becomes clogged then your AC system has to work harder to pump the air and that means higher fuel bills.  Changing the filter every month will also improve your home's air quality.

Clear away debris-
This is the second most important AC troubleshooting step homeowners can take to keep their AC system operating at peak efficiency.  When leaves, grass clippings and other debris start building up around the heat pump it inhibits the air flow.  That debris can also accumulate on the condenser coils.  Both of these situations make your air conditioner work that much harder to cool the air which results in high fuel bills and wear and tear on your system.  If you notice your AC unit isn't cooling as well as it should, check the heat pump and coils for debris and dirt.

Clear vents-
Clogged and blocked vents also make your system work harder.  Don't intentionally block off vents to redirect the cool air.  Your home's system was designed for efficiency and blocked or clogged vents force the system to work harder. 

Check the thermostat-
A slight adjustment of 5 degrees, up or down, may be all it takes to get your air conditioner running again.  Check your thermostat to make sure it's set at a temperature that's lower than the actual temperature in the room.  A discrepancy of more than 5 degrees might signal a more significant problem, though.

Check the fans-
Is the fan on the inside air conditioning unit running?  If it is, check the fan on the air handler outside.  If neither is running, check your circuit breakers to make sure something hasn't tripped the circuit.

Look for frost-
Check the condenser coils on the air handler outside.  If you see frost, turn the unit off for a couple of hours to let everything thaw.  When you turn the unit back on, feel the coils to see if they feel cold.  If not, you probably have a coolant problem and you'll need to contact a repair technician. 

Any reputable heating and air repair company will be happy to answer your AC troubleshooting questions over the phone.  And, if necessary, we can be out that same day to take care of any necessary repairs.

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