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Air Conditioner Tips

Companies at have been involved in fixing air conditioning units for most of the leading brands in the market today. We have some great air conditoining tips we can share with you. The company also offers advice for people who want to buy air conditioning units. Most people shop around for the air conditioner units they need and they end up purchasing what they fancy and not what is appropriate for their homes. This is a major mistake most companies offer advice on the appropriate unit you should purchase.

Air conditioning units have been designed as very tough and the equipment can withstand harsh weather and handling and still continue running. When a unit gets faulty you should choose an air conditioning company that is able to handle any kind of problem and we pride ourselves as being able to fix any problem relating to the units. Users should not wait until their units fails for them to start looking for help. You should engage our services for preventive maintenance and servicing. This prevents the units from developing problems that are complex and costly to sort out. Even with this, there are times you will be forced to hire the services of a HVAC professional for troubleshooting and fixing. Sometimes, you might be able to fix simple issues. We give our clients tips on how to fix simple problems.

You should note that before engaging in any diagnosis of the unit, no matter what it is, the unit must first be switched off. One of the simplest checks you can do on the unit is when it does not turn on automatically. You should first check the thermostat. It should be set at a temperature that is lower than that in the room. To check if a unit is working or not, you should turn the thermostat to the lowest temperature and see if the air conditioner turns on.

It has been found that air conditioner efficiency reduces by 5% every year of its running. If you maintain it well, you can recover the efficiency.  By doing so, you:

  • Reduces the repair cost of the unit
  • Lowers electric bill
  • Keeps the home cool during summer without an interruption

When you are buying a unit from an air conditioning company, they should be confident that they offer maintenance service contract on the unit. Some of the general work that they should include these following air conditioner tips:

  • Cleaning of condenser unit
  • Oiling of motors of the fan
  • Checking the coolant level
  • Checking power units
  • Adjusting and replacing the belts
  • Checking the system for operating pressures and temperatures

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