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Furnace Troubleshooting 

Some of the faults in gas furnaces can be checked and corrected but some of them require the services of a furnace repair professional. Before use of a furnace, the following simple instructions should be followed:

Simple Furnace Troubleshooting:

The furnace not powering:              

  • Check the flow of electric power from the mains to the furnace
  • Check if the mains have tripped
  • Check if the fuse has blown
  • Door cover is off and if so, put it on

The blower runs continuously:       

  • Switch set is wrongly. Adjust it to the correct level
  • Blower control not well set. Adjust it from ON to AUTO

The Pilot slight not staying on:       

  • The thermocouple is loose or faulty. Tighten the nuts

The pilot light is not lighting:          

  • Check if pilot flame has been set too low. If so, adjust it to a flame that is almost 2 inches long
  • No gas is passing through. Open and ensure the pilot light button is lowered

The Furnace is not functioning:      

  • Check if it is switched off and if off, switch on a separate power switch
  • If the pilot light is off, put it on
  • If no gas is passing through, ensure the gas valves are open
  • Check if the motor overloaded. If overloaded, wait for 30 minutes then reset

The Furnace is noisy:                        

  • The panels may be loose and need to be tightened
  • The blower belts either too tight or too loose, ensure they are either tightened or loosened
  • If the blower and motor are not lubricated, they should be lubricated with the correct lubricant
  • Belts that are damages or worn out should be replaced

The furnace powers on and off:      

  • The filter might be dirty and should be cleaned
  • Lubricate motor and blower if they have oil ports

The heat passing is too low: 

  • The thermostat control is set too low and should be adjusted to 5 degrees
  • If the blower or filter is clogged or dirty, it should be cleaned
  • If the blower belt is loose or broken, it should be tightened and or replaced
  • If the registers blocked or closed, they should be opened and ensure there are no drapes, furniture or any tugs blocking them
  • If the belt is loose it should be adjusted and if broken, it should be replaced


Professional furnace troubleshooting:

Professionals should be contacted in case the following happens after basic troubleshooting measures:

  • The burner is causing the furnace to be noisy
  • The blower runs continuously and the limit control cannot be adjusted
  • The pilot is not lighting
  • The Burner is dirty
  • Faulty thermocouple
  • Detection of a gas smell

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