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Heating Tips

In the wintertime your furnace is the single most important system in your home.  But if something goes wrong it can be the single most expensive system in your home, too.  And let's not even talk about the monthly energy bill you have to pay just to keep Jack Frost from nipping at your nose.  Here are some heating tips that will help save you money and extend the life of your furnace.  So you can keep that money in your wallet, where it belongs.

Change Your Filter

Nothing extends the life of your furnace more than performing routine maintenance tasks.  Changing the filter takes just a minute or two yet it's the number one reason most folks need to call in a repair technician.  Change your furnace filter every month, whether you think it needs it or not.  You'll pay less for 12 new filters than you will for one single service call. This is one of the best heating tips. 

Changing your filter monthly will also help your furnace operate more efficiently.  Clogged and dirty filters prohibit air flow and force your furnace to work harder.  That extra stress shows up at the end of the month in your energy bills.

Unblock Vents

Take a few minutes every week to make sure all heating vents are open and they're not blocked with boxes, furniture, toys or drapes.  When a vent is blocked it impeded the circulation of the warm air from your furnace and forces your furnace to work harder and longer to heat your home.  This additional unnecessary stress can cause your heat pump to freeze up and shut down your system. 

Cold air pockets can also affect your thermostat.  If it never sense that the room is warm it's never going to tell your furnace it's time to shut down.  And if your furnace never stops running you're going to have a huge energy bill at the end of the month.

Clear Debris

Make sure you leave plenty of air space around your furnace.  Just because it's in the basement or attic doesn't mean it's in a storage area.  Keep boxes and other items away to allow maximum air flow.  The same holds true for your air handler outside.  Make sure there's no debris like leaves or grass clippings or twigs piled up around your heat pump.  Again, this only makes your system have to work harder to do its job.  And that just means less heat and higher energy bills. These are some more great heating tips. 

Clean Coils

Grease, dust, dirt, leaves and other debris can build up on coils and over time this can cause your condenser coils to actually ice up and shut down your system.  Keep condenser coils clean to prevent major problems.

As you can see, there's very little cost involved in maintaining your heating system.  A few filters and some soap and elbow grease is about all you'll need.  Performing regular maintenance will help extend the life of your furnace and prevent problems that might result in costly repairs.  And the money you'll save on your fuel bills will be more than worth the few minutes a month you have to spend on maintenance.

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